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Andrew Harper Hideaway Report:

"On a narrow street in the pretty town of Tokaj, this small winery has cellars dating to at least 1743. We toured the facility with its passionate owner, Hajni Pracser, who speaks excellent English. After she led us through the cellars, we ascended to her terrace, where we sampled an array of single-vineyard dry whites and several sweet Aszú wines. The fruity 2011 Zafír Vineyard, the rare Kövérszőlő and the concentrated 2003 6-Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú are not to be missed. "

Stephen Tanzer:

"Király dry Furmint 2012 (14.5% alcohol): „Bright, light yellow.  Subtle aromas and flavors of stone fruits, orange blossom, spices, honey and earth, plus a whiff of musky red fruits.  Broad, supple and fine-grained; not a particularly gripping style but holds its shape nicely for a 2012.  Finishes with a touch of sweetness and plenty of texture. 89 points”

Aszúeszencia 2003 (10.5% alcohol):  „Bright orange-gold.  Musky aromas of fresh and dried apricot and resiny herbs, plus a hint of gamey botrytis.  Not particularly glyceral but pure and penetrating, with strong acidity framing and extending the very fresh, rather delicate apricot fruit.  The finish shows an almost citrussy lift and a light touch of oak.  An aszueszencia is an aszu wine that's more concentrated than 6-puttonyos bottlings, but this category no longer exists. 91 points”

By Stephen Tanzer
Stephen Tanzer's International Wine Cellar, Jun 14


Our central cellar, located in the heart of Tokaj, was built in the 1700s. For years, it was used as a fermenting and aging cellar by the Russian Wine Trade Company established to provide the court of Russian Tsars and Tsarinas – amongst them Tsarina Elizabeth – with Tokaj wines. The cellar was dug into yellow soil, and was paved from the inside with volcanic rock. Today, we use this facility of rich history to communicate Tokaj wine miracles to our guests in the form of tours, tastings and events.

Erzsébet Pince - Tokaj


Elizabeth Pracser

Elizabeth Prácser
She graduated in 1974 as an enologist at the University of Horticulture in Gyöngyös. She started working the very same year as a vineyard manager in Tolcsva for the State Wine Company. She coordinated the planting of several vineyards, like Mandulás, Kútpatka, Antalka.

She planted her own vineyard in 1979, and bought the first family cellar in 1985 in Tarcal, and the second, Erzsébet pince in 1989 in Tokaj. She has been working as the managing director of the family estate since 1992.

Hajnalka Pracser

Hajnalka Pracser
Both her secondary (Protestant High School of Sarospatak) and her university (University Debrecen, Economics University Budapest) education centered around foreign languages, cultures and gastronomies. Her dissertation in food literature that she is presently writing at University Debrecen is about eating and hunger in literary works.

She worked in St. Emilion, Cannes, and as part of a scholarship she spent one year in California, in the Napa and Sonoma valleys working at wineries (Chateau St. Jean, Beringer). She is presently working at the family estate. She speaks English and French.

Miklos Pracser Jr.

Miklos Pracser Jr.
He has been focusing on agricultural studies from his secondary education on specializing in vine-growing and winemaking. He studied in Satoraljaujhely and Mosonmagyarovar.

His work experience abroad started with a scholarship in Dronten, Holland. He worked in London, then at an experimental grapevine plantation near Minneapolis. He worked a harvest in Mendoza, Argentina in the spring of 2008 at Bodega Tapiz. He works for the family estate right now. He speaks English and Spanish.

Visiting the winery

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image43During our cellar tours, guests can get an insight into the architectural principles of a traditional Tokaj wine cellar, its unique flora, its long history and are also able to taste all our current and old vintages from dry to dessert wines. We do tastings in our Torch Room (seats 15 people), and in one of the cellar wings (seats around 25 people). 

Tasting 6 wines: 3.600 HUF
Portfolio testing: 6.200 HUF
Aszú vertikal: 8.000 HUF

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